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Dr. Caviet Ghost

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Dr. Caviet Ghost Cavitation & Body Correction Apparatus
The improved model.
Very popular in beauty salons in Japan. We also offer you to take advantage of our offer and purchase this unit for use both for personal purposes and for business.
7 types of exposure functions:
1. MIFP (x4) - new feature
Alternately, it removes special electrical impulses that affect the induction of the polymer on the skin, the promotion of blood circulation, etc. It evokes sensations as in Japanese traditional therapy for shiatsu (patented).
2. (Mid Frequency Interval Pulse) - a new feature for this unit
A new technology that was developed for the device Dr. Caviet Ghost, which includes the periodic effect of the average frequency of the ultra pulse (90kHz). Ultra pulse can now be applied simultaneously with procedures (DHS = heat exposure) and (EMS = muscle stimulation).
The alternating ultra pulse helps reduce the load on the skin, increasing the effectiveness of the DHS and EMS procedures.
3. EMS - electrostimulation of muscles
It performs 90,000 alternating current pulses per second and performs muscle contraction exercises, it activates muscles that we normally do not use, such as, for example, on the face line, which facilitates the absorption of cosmetic ingredients.
4.RF-DHS (x4) deep heat system (Medium high frequency)

Medium and high frequency currents are used to cause the rotational movement of polar molecules in the body, creating heat (Joule heat) to actively transfer heat to the skin.
This also applies to adjusting the turnover of fat mass in the body, which is not ordered.
5 CV - cavitation

6 LED Red (x8) Therapy
7. Healing music

The device is equipped with 10 healing melodies, giving relaxation to the body and mind. You can also enjoy your favorite music with a microSD card.
Cavitation + RF lifting is an advanced technology, safe and effective.
This is a new page in the history of the fight against fat deposits, this is non-surgical liposuction.
The essence of the cavitation method is cell destruction under the influence of low-frequency ultrasound on adipose tissue. Then, as a result of the increase in the temperature of the deeper layers of the skin with the help of RF, the fat is dissolved, and the degradation products of fat cells are removed from the body as waste.

The procedure is aimed at
- reduction of subcutaneous fat deposits
- resistant anti-cellulite effect
- acceleration of the process of burning fat
- improvement of blood and lymph flow
- silhouette formation
- skin tightening

- figure correction
- getting rid of cellulite on the stomach, thighs, calves and buttocks
- weight loss
- reducing the number and size of fat cells
- acceleration of blood and lymph flow, prevention of edema, rapid elimination of decay products
Power: 100V-240V
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Power: 40.8 W
Output frequency: Wavelength 330KHz (± 30kHz), DHS 500kHz
LED Red: 620nm (± 10)
Weight: 450 g
Dimensions: 195 × 92 × 83mm



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Dr. Caviet Ghost

Dr. Caviet Ghost

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