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About us
Welcome to our Japanese Internet-shop "Beauty International Japan"! The Internet-store of the Japanesecompany We offer for sale the following is a list of the goods from Japan , and also working on buyers ' requests in respect of other groups of goods.

Наш Представитель в России ИП Митленко В.Р

ИНН 253905215910

ОГРНИП 314254314000056

Юридический и фактический адреса:
г. Владивосток, ул. Кирова 11 офис 78,
Тел. 42 32 32 15 96

Our specialization
In our Internet-shop presents a diverse range of products for health and beauty of Your body: correcting underwear CANIT - the variety of colors and types of the products ( belts, breeches, shorts, trousers, suits, correction of the mask for the face and other) at prices significantly below россйиских with free delivery;
- Pulling and corrective Japanese underwear FEALENA;
- Japanese medicine GAMMALON;
- For people with diabetes, we offer a course of drug treatment Extract Touchi (тоути), which will give you a real support in the fight against the disease;
- Large assortment of Japanese bio-supplements for health and beauty
- Products with collagen, hyaluronic acid, placenta, co-enzyme Q10, chondroitin, glucosamine, L-carnitine;.....
"Glad to offer to your attention various drugs, effectively reducing the weight, only Japanese development;
- Japanese cosmetics, developed on the basis of natural components, containing the full complex care for the skin of the face-
LA MENTE for home care and professional cosmetics AMENITY, Domohorn Wrinkle, DHC, SOFINA , Bb LABORATORIES, the biological active additives from Japan Bio-Products Co., Ltd, Logical Plus, Dr.'arrivo - independent beauty treatments at home....;
- The well-known series of BE-MAX for health and beauty;
for lovers of musical instruments, there are proposals for the purchase of violins, cellos and violas manufacturer Yamaha Silent;
The prices for the goods offered by us are included deliveries to the Europe up to the doors of the client.
Our Internet-shop is constantly expanding its range of offered products.
If You do not find the desired product, but just know its name, you can contact us and discuss the conditions of its order.

Our export company registered in Japan and has the full right for the export of the goods from Japan to other countries.

E-mail address:

Tel. mobile +81-80-3042-4322

Skype: beauty.japan

We wish to warn you!
In Japan at the moment there are very many online stores that offer you the purchase of goods from Japan, in fact, this is the usual physical persons, who do not have the status of companies and act contrary to the laws of Japan, therefore, not surprising is the fact that by sending them a payment for an order, you get nothing, because at any moment these persons may be deprived of the visa to stay in Japan, or the tax Inspectorate close the account of such лжепродавца and your payment will be arrested in this account.




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