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C'bon Concentrate Plus White Serum 35ml

A multifaceted approach to melanin. A whitening serum that leads to clear skin

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C'bon Concentrate Plus White Serum 35ml

whitening beauty essence that prevents age signs * 3 that are worrisome with the double approach of aging care * 1 x whitening * 2 . Contains moisturizing ingredients such as arbutin EX, a whitening active ingredient, fermented bifidus extract, yeast extract, hydrolyzed yeast extract, aralia esculenta extract, bisaborol, and undecilenoylphenylalanine. It not only suppresses the production of melanin and prevents dark spots and freckles caused by sunburn, but also traps moisture and leads to firm and bouncy skin. * 1 Aging care: Gives firmness and moisture to age skin * 2 Whitening: Prevents spots and freckles caused by sunburn * 3 Age sign: Dry skin and irregular texture with age

For Morning and Night care

how to use

Usage amount: 2 to 3 pushes
     * Please push all the way down to use.
Usage guideline: Approximately 1 month      * Usage guideline varies depending on the
usage method

Care procedure (whole face)

  • STEP. 1
    Take an appropriate amount of serum on your palm and spread it on both hands.
  • STEP. 2
    Wrap the entire face around the eyes and cheeks with the palm of your hand, and gently press it so that it penetrates into the skin.
  • STEP. 3
    Move the palms of both hands to the outside and gently press and infiltrate in the same way as A. In addition, use your fingertips to blend in small areas such as the nose. Repeat A to B until the skin sticks to the palm and becomes moist.
  • STEP. 4
    In addition, take a small amount of beauty essence on the palm and apply it to the neck.

All ingredients

L-ascorbic acid 2-glucoside / albutin / potassium hydroxide *, purified water, 1,3-butylene glycol, 2-ethylhexyl palmitate, glycosyl trehalose / hydrogenated starch decomposition product mixed solution, squalane, decamethylcyclopentasiloxane, Yeast extract (1), isopropyl isostearate, concentrated glycerin, bisethoxydiglycol cyclohexanedicarboxylate, self-emulsifying glyceryl monostearate, behenyl alcohol, polyethylene glycol monostearate, sorbitan monostearate, bifidus extract, polyoxyethylene Methylpolysiloxane copolymer, methylpolysiloxane, hydrogenated soybean phospholipid, phytosteryl oleate, sodium citrate, bisabolol, undecilenoylphenylalanine, sucrose fatty acid ester, natural vitamin E, trisodium edetate, xanthan gum, nobara oil , Potassium hydroxide, lysine sodium dilauroyl glutamate, plum fruit extract, cross-linked methylpolysiloxane, citric acid, seaweed extract (1), alkaligenes-producing polysaccharides, sodium pyrosulfate, chick flower extract, yeast extract (3), Butyl paraoxybenzoate, methyl paraoxybenzoate

  • * Indicates "active ingredient", and no indication means "other ingredients"
  • * Some ingredients may differ from the actual ingredients due to product improvements and changes in the display method. Please see the product label for the actual ingredients



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C'bon Concentrate Plus White Serum 35ml

C'bon Concentrate Plus White Serum 35ml

A multifaceted approach to melanin. A whitening serum that leads to clear skin

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