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eCO2 GEL BC (Carbon Dioxide Pack) oil free 1box ( 5 sets)

professional set eCO2GEL THERAPY for Carboxytherapy

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eCO2 GEL BC THERAPY (oil free), oil-free! (NeoChemir, Inc., Japan)1 set = 1 box of 5 sets in it (component A (granules): 1.2gr x 5b B (gel): 25gr.h5, trowel: 1, eCO2 plasticizer)

You can purchase from us, not only one set, but the 2 sets, 3 sets, 4 sets, already at a reduced price.

Description:The unique non-invasive eCO2GEL THERAPY (Carboxytherapy) - an alternative to injectable cosmetic procedures eCO2 GEL THERAPY is the biggest breakthrough in the beauty industry since Botox eCO2 GEL THERAPY is based on the use of a transdermal therapeutic system of delivery of active components and molecular carbon dioxide (CO2) deep in a noninvasive manner skin and subcutaneous structures in high concentrations.

eCO2 GEL THERAPY is a new era in the practice of cosmetology and regenerative medicine. During the procedure, activates blood circulation, stimiliruyutsya metabolic and repair processes. In the end, fade wrinkles, pigmentation, improves complexion.

eCO2 GEL THERAPY is one of the most popular methods of facial rejuvenation and body, one of the most effective and safest procedures in contemporary cosmetology.

Effect after the first procedure eCO2GEL Therapy! No pain! There are no injections! No Scalpel! Facial rejuvenation without surgery! The procedure is completely safe, non-toxic, has no long-term consequences.

Focused on getting a beautiful, young skin. Do not have a seasonal pattern.The procedure is recommended for all skin types and conditions. Can be recommended as at various skin diseases, according to a doctor appointment, and in everyday care.

An alternative to injectable cosmetic procedures! Restoration of damaged skin after ablative cosmetic treatments (grinding, peeling, etc.)!Indications for use of the procedure eCO2 GEL THERAPY: - the overall aging of the skin, wrinkles, restore color, skin tone - rosacea (enhanced vascular network), telangiectasia (spider veins) - vascular disorders, enlarged pores - redness, symptoms of rosacea (acne rosacea) - pigmented disorders, including brown spots, abnormal changes in skin color, freckles - photoaging (skin wilt under the impact of ultafioletovogo radiation, resulting in the appearance of wrinkles, age spots, peeling, complete withering of the skin) - sun damaged skin - AnkeCosmetic effect of the procedure eCO2 GEL THERAPY: - improving the quality and texture of the skin - rejuvenating and lifting effect - reducing the number and severity of wrinkles - reduce swelling and strengthen the skin around the eyes - the minimization and prevention of scarring after Anke - deep restructuring and moisturizing - osvetvlenie and alignment color - the restoration of the skin after insolation - the removal of stress and tiredness of the skinCompatible procedures eCO2 GEL THERAPY procedures :: - hardware cosmetology (ultrasound, microcurrents, microdermabrasion, light therapy, laser therapy) - plastic surgery (face lifting) - prevention of scarring and wound healing - Peels (during rehabilitation)

How to carry out the procedure:A. Make up removing a thoroughTwo. Preheat the skin or hot towel vaparizatoromThree. Mix with a spatula in the cosmetic containers gel (B) and pellets (A). Get a jar of Part B (gel) in the amount of 25g. (Volume per procedure), move it to the bottom of your cosmetic containers. Spatula or scissors to cut the shell package and prepare the component A (granules). In cosmetic containers added to the gel (B) component A (granules) and mix thoroughly with a spatula until smooth (in the resulting structure remain undissolved granules)4. Put cooked on the face with a spatulaFive. Time eskpozitsiii mask for 30 minutes 7. After 30 minutes, a top foam mask plasticizer. Endure 3-5 minutes. Remove the mask, the resulting film6. Remains of the mask wash off with waterResult: CO2 GEL THERAPY (Carboxytherapy) - one of the most effective and safest procedures in contemporary cosmetology. In medicine, this technique has been successfully used for the treatment of diabetic angiopathy, trophic ulcers, psoriasis, joint and muscle pain. Carboxytherapy - a subcutaneous injection of carbon dioxide (CO2) to rejuvenation, non-surgical poddyazhki skin, cellulite, stretch marks, scars, etc. As with any invasive procedure, injection Carboxytherapy has some limitations and contraindications: pregnancy, lactation, infection and inflammation in the area of injection, unstable angina, any acute illness, acute ischemic kroobrascheniya, etc.In order to avoid complications associated with the injection of CO2, developed the first transdermal delivery system (DDS) active substances - neizvazivnaya eCO2GEL THERAPY (Carboxytherapy) - transdermal absorption (penetration) CO2 deep into the skin and subcutaneous structures in high concentrations. Recent studies have shown that age, the concentration of oxygen in the skin decreases, slowing down, and all metabolic processes become less active enzymes, sclerotic vessels, etc.In Japan, the impact of carbon dioxide is a known medical means of improving the health and condition of the skin as well as carbon dioxide can be absorbed through the skin and increase the supply of oxygen to the skin tissues. Carbon dioxide enters the blood vessels and immediately releases oxygen from hemoglobin. The liberated oxygen is then absorbed and used skin cells, resulting in reduced normal healthy skin. Ingredients:Agent A (granules), malic acid, lactose, dextrin, potato starchAgent B (gel) - phenoxyethanol, granules Na, bicarbonate, Na, BG, pentylene, glycol, alginate, cellulose, and water



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eCO2 GEL BC  (Carbon Dioxide Pack) oil free 1box ( 5 sets)

eCO2 GEL BC (Carbon Dioxide Pack) oil free 1box ( 5 sets)

professional set eCO2GEL THERAPY for Carboxytherapy

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