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Japanese medicine

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  • COVID-19 (Coronavirus...

    COVID-19 (Coronavirus 2019-nCoV)

    In this section you will find medications, medical equipments that you can use at home to monitor the health of the whole family in quarantine.

    News 10/03/2020

    In order for the disease to begin to develop in the body, the virus must enter the human cells. Particles of the virus attach to suitable cells and send the genetic information of the virus into them. German scientists investigated how the Covid-19 virus enters the cells and discovered a special enzyme (enzyme) TMPRSS2, which helps the virus to penetrate into the lung cells. Perhaps if you block this enzyme, the virus will not enter the lung cells and this will help protect the person from infection. The enzyme blocks the drug Camostat Mesilate (FOIPAN / FOIPAN), which is used in cases of pancreatic inflammation.


    1. The drug FOIPAN / Camostat Mesilate (FOIPAN) made in Japan for the treatment of COVID-19 can be ordered in this section

    News March 2020

    2.The drug (Alvesco) 200 μg Inherer 56 inhalation (now is limited for order)

    Indication: Pneumonia of confirmed COVID-19 positives (For asymptomatic long-term positives, further study is considered necessary) Dosage: 200 ciclesonide (Alvesco) 200 μg Inherer 56 inhalation twice a day twice a day → 14 Based on the daily dose of ciclesonide

    (Alvesco) 200 μg Inhaler 56 inhalers, twice inhalation 3 times a day, 2 inhalations → about 9 days, the study was conducted for severe cases and ineffective cases.

    Considering the drug's reach to the infected area, "deep inhalation" is considered to be the most reasonable administration method at present.

    Three drugs should help patients with coronavirus - a list published by the Russian Ministry of Health contains drugs used to fight HIV, hepatitis C and multiple sclerosis. These are drugs Rabavirin, recombinant interferon beta Ib and Lopinavir / Ritonavir. The first of them is used to treat hepatitis C, the second relieves the suffering of patients with multiple sclerosis, the third is used by HIV-infected people.


    30 existing drugs are treating the new coronavirus, 12 of them are those that treat HIV. They include drugs such as indinavir and saquinavir.

    What can we offer you from drugs for the treatment of hepatitis C?

    3.The drug REBETOL (Ribavirin / Ribavirin) produced in Japan.

    What can we offer you from HIV drugs?

    4.The drug Lexiva 700 mg (fosanprenavir (Lexiva)) - made in Japan.

    Protease inhibitors. These drugs inactivate protease, another protein that HIV needs to recreate its copies. This class includes atazanavir (reytaz), darunavir (prezista), fosanprenavir (lexiva) and ritonavir (norvir).

    5.The drug Kaletra Combination Tablets 200mg/50mg -made in Japan

    According to Reuters on January 26, 2020, A major US pharmaceutical company, AbbVie, has revealed the following: that is, Chinese health officials treat pneumonia caused by new coronavirus Anti-AIDS virus (HIV) drugs are being used experimentally. It means that you are using Kaletra, an anti-HIV drug. This is a drug that suppresses the growth of the HIV virus, as mentioned earlier. This seems to keep the virus from growing. In response, the Chinese government has decided to take it as a remedy as follows: The Chinese government issued a guideline on Tuesday that there was no effective treatment for coronavirus, Kaletra Combination Tablets "lopinavir / ritonavir" and 2 tablets Take "Alpha Interferon", which is administered with a suction device "Nebulizer", twice a day.

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    Cardiology, blood system

  • Blood Pressure (...

    Blood Pressure ( hypertension and hypotension)

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    Oral hygiene

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    SCF, Chronic Fatigue, Fatigue

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    Multiple sclerosis (MS)

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    Cerebral Ataxia (SCA, SCD) cerebellar atrophy

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    Migraine, headache

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    Nephrology and Urology

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    Neuralgia, peripheral neuropathy

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  • Cold, feaver

    Cold, feaver

  • Vaginal infection

    Vaginal infection

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    Thyroid deases

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    Gout, hyperuricemia

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