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Japanese natural cosmetic

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  • Domohorn Wrinkle

    When it comes to aging skin concerns such as wrinkles and spots, many people may only seek ways to cover their skin problems with external chemicals manufactured under Western medical theories. Yet the real problem behind is never solved, and will damage your delicate skin even further by all side effects. As the Chinese herbal medicine principles, inner health is a major factor altering one's appearance. This is precisely the reason why we devote ourselves into refining a cure that heals aging skin from inside out.

    Domohorn Wrinkle

  • La Mente
  • La Mente Pro
  • SOFINA White...
  • SOFINA Beaute
  • TAPLIS- Aging with...


    Plathlone” preparations are made in accordance with the centuries-old traditions and recipes of the Ancient East and have special healing and toning properties.

    Extracts of rare medicinal plants not only have a revitalizing and revitalizing effect on the skin, but also restore its vitality.
    When developing formulas of drugs, much attention is paid to their effectiveness and high penetrating ability.
    For this purpose, manufacturers use nanotechnology, liposomal systems, enhancers, as well as their own patented developments.
    Creamy products are based on valuable vegetable oils and a unique lipid - squalane, derived from shark liver. These oils have a strong regenerating, soothing, protective effect and are suitable for all skin types.
    All cosmetics are hypoallergenic. It does not contain synthetic flavors and dyes, and due to the special textures and unique recipes, most preparations are suitable for the care of the most delicate, sensitive skin with fragile vessels. The “Plathlone” line of products includes a wide range of cleansing preparations, as thorough and competent cleansing using quality products is the basis of beauty, health and youthful skin.
    All products have a soft texture and contain a large number of natural biologically active components. They do not use synthetic emulsifiers and aggressive components that violate the structure of the epidermis and the protective barriers of the skin. A number of cosmetics can be used as a rehabilitation therapy after chemical peels and plastic surgeries.
  • PYR (compiler)
    PYR (compiler) Lineup of PYR (compiler) series, six different compiler, inner compiler, compiler support, face compiler, compiler plate, the compiler compass. Calorie adjustment, from facial to diet, I am proud of the wide assortment. Please try was born from studying the Botox and mesotherapy, the lineup of the gem.
  • ES 301 anti-aging...
    ES 301 anti-aging medicated cosmetic
  • Obagi professional...
    Obagi professional medicated cosmetic
  • MT METATRON -...
  • MELSMON - плацентарная...
  • Larje Taje cosmetic...
    Larje Taje cosmetic for professional use
  • FANCL - японский...
  • RAWBE Precious...
  • JBP LNC (Laennec)...

    JBP LNC (Laennec) Placental Skin Care White Series

  • JBP GHC Placental...

    JPB GHC Placental Cosmetic


    Данная серия выпускается под названием LNC Placental Skin Care White Series с более усоверщенстованной формулой и составом. Производитель изменил упаковку и название!!!!


    JBP GHC ULTIMATE AA- placental cosmteic. GHC Ultimate Anti-Aging (AA) series is designed to work with your skin’s composition creating smooth, beautiful, moist skin. Using JBP’s Nanosome technology, Ultimate AA brings forth only the best qualities of your skin while penetrating deep for the best, most refined results.

  • Black line (Charites...
  • La Sincere La Sincia...
  • Hifmid Kobayashi...
  • Virgin Medical...
  • SPA Treatment
  • Demarrer - японские...
  • Dr. MEDION advanced...
  • JBP N3 Placenta...
  • Shiseido Clé de Peau...
  • PYR косметика
  • QUANIS косметика...
  • Transino Whitening...
  • NABOCUL - элитная...
  • FAITH Beauty Cosmetics
  • UTP- натуральная...

    UTP-natural placental cosmetics.

    UTP (Universal Transcend Planning) company has been represented on the Japanese market for more than 30 years. Its main products are the means for professional skin care, the main component of which is the placenta extract of animal origin.

    It contains a unique in its composition a complex of highly effective and useful natural ingredients that have a number of medicinal properties necessary to maintain the health, youth and beauty of our skin. As a result of long research, UTP stopped using the extract of the porcine placenta, because it was this placenta that proved to be the closest analogue of the human placenta.

    At the same time, the production of the animal placenta is absolutely safe for the animal, it is carried out in accordance with international norms and safety standards, with strict observance of the relevant norms of the international production practice GMP (GOOD MANUFACTURING PRACTICE)

  • SKIN SPICE - косметика...
  • Inner Signal Otsuka /...
  • DEAGAIA Cell Factor -...
  • b.glen- 8 новых...
  • TOBISHI Cepolage
    TOBISHI Cepolage
  • TOBISHI Cepolage -...
  • PicoBio Super Lifting...
  • CELLREVA - косметика...
  • Atsuka Farmaceutical...
  • Dr. Celeskin -...
  • WOVE Style
  • Obias -cosmetic of...

     Obias Beauty Step which can realize more beauty effect of stem cell science

    It is a science cosmetic focusing on "stem cells" which is the origin of all cells. It is the next-generation skin care that applies state-of-the-art regenerative medicine to cosmetics, not temporary aging care by texture, but changes skin at the cell level. True skin care which calls up and shines the cell that gives up giving up, it is "stem cell science".

    So far, skin care was aimed at "supplementing" skin components such as collagen and hyaluronic acid which will decrease with age.

    Skincare in the future will work directly on the inner side of the skin * 1 to enhance skin regeneration power and cellular metabolism, normalize turnover which has been prolonged, normalize it, and turn it back to luster and moisturizing skin that pushes back I will guide you.
  • Pola -anti-aging skin...

    Pola- anti-aging cosmetics

    The company specializes in anti-aging skin care products. The composition of cosmetics includes bioactive substances that allow you to fight wrinkles, age spots and puffiness

    Every woman has the instinct of beauty. Pola sees anti-aging as beauty including not only your skin but also way of life.

    Pola gives confidence in myself and accumulating certain passion. It is anti-aging that Pola thinks.

    For women who wish to be "beautiful", Pola will work with alliances with companies and research institutes that sympathize and will create encounters with wonderful real things.

  • Direia - cosmetic of...

    Direia - cosmetic of innovative 3D nanotechnology

    The birth of the ultimate anti-aging skin care based on stem cell cosmetic stem cell science born from regenerative medicine

    Delayastem Cell (Human Stem Cell) and Innovative 3D Nanotechnology ™ Series

    ADSC-CM × Vitamin C derivative × High pro-refill

    "HADS-ACTIVATOR COMPLEX ™" born by the latest proteomics analysis is the ultimate bioactive ingredient that enhances the gloss factor of stem cell culture and the action of antioxidant enzymes

    Continuously and steadily penetrate the skin by "Innovative 3D NanoTechnology ™" developed with penetration technology of highly functional ingredients

    What is human stem cell culture broth

    "Human stem cell culture fluid" which is also utilized at the site of regenerative medicine. "Human adipose-derived stem cell culture broth" highly blended in Delirea is secreted during stem cell culture extracted from adipose tissue of the human body. It is a highly functional biological material rich in cytokines, interleukin, SOD and promoting regeneration of skin tissue.

    State of the art bioactive ingredient "HADS-ACTIVATOR COMPLEX ™" 200 kinds of proteins contained in "Human stem cell culture (ADSC-CM)" promote skin cell activity, the VC derivative "VITA-HA" developed exclusively for the skin suppresses the inflammation inside the skin, gives a whitening feel, "PROLIPHIL -F4 "enhances fibroblast proliferation and collagen production. Newly combine "SC - signaling" into these three components.

    SC-MAX is a bioactive triple prescription cosme shootaral Cosme shootital is a skin care product whose effect has been verified based on scientific evidence. It is an innovative ingredient containing vitamin C developed exclusively for skin, including peptides specialized for the action of fibroblasts, including "human stem cell culture extract", which is drawing attention in regeneration beauty. With advanced functional ingredients brought about by state-of-the-art bio-science, we will call upon the original regenerative power of the skin.

    What is "Innovative 3D Nanotechnology ™" "Innovative 3D Technology ™" is a technology for promoting percutaneous absorption of highly novel international patent manufacturing methods adopted for penetration technology of pharmaceuticals. A gelled base material of a new material different from conventional spherical liposomes (self-organizing and stringing of string-like nano-somes) is made up of palmitic acid and dipeptide, skin-friendly percutaneous absorbable material quickly becomes familiar to the stratum corneum , The state-of-the-art TDDS (transdermal drug delivery system) technology which can obtain a stable active ingredient concentration for a long time to the deep inside of the skin.

  • Kinka
  • Fealena LiftUp Products

    Fealena LiftUp Products

    The full list of Fealena procuts is here

    Fealena Lift Up goods
  • Cocoage "HITOYURAI...

    Cocoage "HITOYURAI +30" - anti-age  human-derived stem cell cosmetics

    Cocoage "HITOYURAI +30" - a professional anti-aging cosmetic based on human stem cells.

    Cocoage "HITOYURAI +30" cosmetics containing stem cells, renews the skin, restores its youth, elasticity and smoothness.

    Rejuvenating cosmetics with stem cells contains special enzymes and peptides that, according to cosmetologists, are able to protect their own human stem cells from damage and stimulate their intensive division.

    Stem cells are active biostimulators of human cells. This effect is associated with the presence in the stem cells of growth factors that regulate the division, growth and metabolism in human skin cells.

    The growth factors contained in stem cells contribute to the increase of skin elasticity, the disappearance of small ones and the reduction of large wrinkles.

    Penetration of human stem cells into the stratum corneum of the skin with the addition of various stimulating and nutritional ingredients promotes activation of growth of analagic cells in the dermis, as a result the skin rejuvenates, becomes smooth and supple.

    The main ingredients of cosmetics HITOYURAI + 30 contain more than 500 kinds of protein components-cytokines, regulators of cellular activity and cellular growth factors.  

     A growth factor such as EGF and FGF, which attracts attention as a cosmetic ingredient, is a kind of cytokine, and it is the main ingredient of HITOYURAI + 30 cosmetics, which attracts the attention of the whole world.

    Cytokines are a generalized name for signal molecules, through which cells send each other "messages". A special group of cytokines are growth factors, named for their ability to stimulate growth, proliferation, and / or differentiation of living cells. Due to this feature, growth factors take a direct part in the processes of physiological regeneration (natural tissue renewal) and repair (tissue repair after injury). The idea of ​​using growth factors for the prevention and correction of the symptoms of aging is based on the fact that in the skin, even in the absence of visible damage, the processes of physiological renewal are constantly proceeding, and in this - the pledge of its integrity and functional consistency. Being a borderline body, the skin is under constant "sight" of aggressive environmental factors and at any time can be seriously damaged. Therefore, the skin is forced to stay in a state of increased combat readiness in order to be able to quickly reflect external attacks and recover quickly after strikes. And for this, all its elements - both cellular and noncellular - must be workable. This is possible due to a clear coordination of actions, which is carried out with the help of various cytokines and in particular growth factors controlling the processes of renewal of skin tissues.

    Professional cosmetics from the manufacturer Cocoage HITOYURAI + 30 is supplied to the beauty salons of Japan, but it can be used at home.

  • Chizu Saeki Cosmetics

    Chizu Saeki Cosmetics

  • Mediplorer ( Medion)

    Mediplorer ( Medion)

     Achieve a glow that no one can imagine

    The power hidden in carbonic acid exceeds our expectations.

    Mediplorer was created as a skin care that combines advance dermatology with insatiable curiosity and brings out its power to the utmost level. It supports skin’s natural vitality as it guides the skin and mind to deep relaxation. It brings out radiance of the skin that is not known and awakens new beauty. You will be filled with confidence that healthy skin brings and shine with a momentary facial expression every day.

  • Sofina


  • AXXXIZIA "Le Ciel de...

    AXXXIZIA "Le Ciel de L'aube" - profecional skin care based on osmotic water and Japanese and  Chinese plant extracts

    With "Le Ciel de L'aube" go to "Glossy Rin Skin". When developing "Le Ciel de L'aube" it was conscious of "having fine and glossy skin." It has the base of particular about the base osmotic water * 1. And it contains Japanese and Chinese plant extracts derived from the Orient.

    Discerning water Pursuing "water" and sticking to "water", we adopted "osmotic water * 1", which is close to body fluids. "Osmotic water * 1" that quickly permeates * 2 the moisture required for the skin and retains it traps the ingredients that approach the age skin.

    Ginkgo biloba extract "Ginkgo biloba extract" is attracting attention in dermatology in Germany and France. The secret of its power is flavonoids, which have a very high skin-conditioning effect, and ginkgolide, which is a unique ingredient that supports massage. These ingredients condition the skin and give it a sense of transparency.

  • C'BON Cosmetics...

    C'BON Cosmetics -Concentrate Plus

    Products that persistently pursues gentleness and efficacy to the skin

    C'BON's Beauty System The first step towards beautiful skin starts with C'BON's skincare.

    The pursuit of an ideal skincare method that makes the skin truly beautiful led us to the conclusion of “skincare at home” + “maintenance at our beauty salon”. The professional advice and facial massage techniques at the beauty salon complement what cannot be achieved just by the daily skin care at home, which shall act on natural function of the skin. By repeating this process, the skin will become more beautiful, and that, more quickly.

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