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Lactis bio-effective supplement for improving intestinal environment (5ml x30 sticks)

Comprehensive care for your body: for the beauty of your skin, the extension of youth 10-20 years old, an effective means to alleviate the symptoms of pregnant women, strengthening the immune system, anti-constipation, tooth decay, reduces weight, controls the stabilization of renal nedostatochnochti.

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Lactis - (5 ml to 30 sticks per box) is one of the world's best bio products to effectively improve the intestinal environment. Made from soybean milk produced by yeast and co-culture with Lactobacillus . The drink is an aid for the proper functioning of the intestines and improve -being . It does not contain live lactobacilli , and only products of fermentation lactic acid bacteria .

For the beauty of your skin. 1The extract of lactic acid bacteria for smooth, healthy skin. By using this medication for 3 months , your skin will be smooth and healthy.

If the gut is filled with harmful bacteria , the food you eat begins to rot . Nutrients are absorbed from the bowel are the basic elements of the blood , skin, internal organs, bones , muscles, and lymph.

Therefore, when absorbed from food rotted your intestines , it leads to adverse effects on the organism. Problem skin begins to form . 1Increase your own lactic acid bacteria .

The task of lactic acid bacteria - an increase of beneficial bacteria in the gut. However , there are more than 500 species of lactic acid bacteria, and all have their own lactic acid bacteria that grow within us from birth. Consequently, there is no assurance that a commercially available lactic acid bacteria that are right for you.

Lactic acid bacteria fermented extract LAV has a special formula to support the development of your own lactic acid bacteria. Lactic bacteria are grown and ripen into soybean milk , prepared from soybeans are cultivated without agricultural chemicals and the special farm from which active ingredients are extracted .

Younger for 10-20 years. 1Intestine performs a big role. In addition , it sucks nutrients and water removes toxins , improves immunity protects against infections , it also produces hormones and vitamins. If the intestine is healthy and young, it performs its function well and increases vitality. As a result , you have more elastic skin hydrated , the body is filled with energy , in a word , there is rejuvenation . functioning in the intestine , the only hope to clean it up and rejuvenate .

However , there is the sad fact is that with age, the number of lactic acid bacteria is reduced. Lactic acid bacteria live in large numbers, while the intestines young. You could even say that "age is determined by the number of intestinal lactic acid bacteria living in it ."

In the gut is home to around 120 trillion distributed by groups of bacteria. Intestinal bacteria are divided into two large groups: useful ( fermented ) and bad (viruses ) .

The beneficial bacteria in the gut harvest "good fermented " kill viruses , produce vitamins and other nutrients , in general, do all the necessary work required to maintain health. Harmful bacteria also cause intestinal process of " decay " , produce harmful substances are the cause of disease . In other words, in order to rejuvenate the gut , you need to increase the number of lactic acid bacteria living in it. This is the shortest route .

In order to maintain their health needs is living in your gut , your " original lactic acid bacteria ", and will help you in their growth " extract lactic acid bacteria ."

Lactis and pregnancy.

The extract of lactic acid bacteria can help relieve symptoms typical for pregnant women. 1The variety of symptoms, including goiter, toxemia of pregnancy , accompanied by changes in the body during pregnancy. Constipation - just one of these symptoms, however , pregnant women are now inclined to reject laxatives.

On the 52 th Convention of the Japanese Society of maternal health professor Kayo Sato announced the results of a study in which an extract of fermented lactic acid bacteria LAB used to relieve uncomfortable symptoms experienced by pregnant women

The causes of constipation in pregnant women :

Hormonal changes and slow peristalsis ( wavelike contractions of the intestinal wall ) due to the increase of the uterus often leads to the fact that pregnant women suffer from constipation .

Pregnancy can cause a variety of uncomfortable symptoms, including increased sensitivity to cold, fatigue , dry skin, however , in many cases , these symptoms are caused by constipation , which seriously disturbs pregnant women.

A study was conducted on the basis of the assumption that taking the extract of fermented lactic acid bacteria LAB can help relieve these symptoms

Results : 18 pregnant women ( 6 of which were subject to constipation ) have agreed to accept a fermented extract of lactic acid bacteria LAB for 30 days and were tested on 28 criteria. The results exceeded our expectations. Although we assumed that the lactic acid bacteria fermented extract

AV help relieve symptoms such as constipation and bloating, however, all study participants felt the positive trend and other symptoms : sensitivity to cold , fatigue, bloating and tension in the shoulders .

The results also showed that all participants felt improvement in skin condition : The water balance of the skin color reduction rashes and inflammations . Based on these results , we can say that the extract of fermented lactic acid bacteria LAB significantly eased the symptoms experienced by women during pregnancy , and improved the quality of their lives.

Strengthening the immune system

Recent studies indicate that fungal compound ( digested cell walls of dead bacteria and the like ) stimulate Peyer plaques found in the gut and immune cells revive .

They also help protect the intestinal wall , restoring damaged areas . The bacteria stimulate the intestines, where there are a large number of immune tissues.

Lactis against constipation.

 To enteric not flocked feces, primarily to increase it by positive bacteria and tidy intestinal flora. Sufficient positive bacteria in the intestine activates his work and tidy autonomic nervous system, after which the stool problems are eliminated . This method is suitable for any subtype of constipation. Intestine has superior immune system. But if you do not treat constipation, it will affect immunity.

Intestinal flora can easily be put in order " extract lactic acid bacteria " and other similar drugs. 1Lactis and diet .

" Extract lactic acid bacteria " is an effective way to reduce weight , diet.

Lactis and tooth decay.

Reducing the risk of tooth decay mouth as a result of receiving the extract fermented lactic acid bacteria - induced improvement of the intestinal environment is the result of improved salivary function.

Inadequate oral hygiene , bad eating habits , negative psychological state (stress ), etc. are the main initiators of the risk of tooth decay mouth. The fact that the study was obtained satisfactory results by improving the intestinal environment , indicates that the condition of the oral cavity affected not only oral factors but also the intestinal medium .

Lactis and renal failure .

Extract the fermentation of lactic acid bacteria is potentially useful for controlling the phase stabilization of renal failure.

The ingredients that make up lactis :

1The extract lactobacillus fermented soy milk on ;

Citric acid, lactic acid ;

Natural mineral water .

 Lactis contains no artificial preservatives, dyes , fragrances , sugars, and animal material .

Methods of administration :

1. It is recommended to pour 3 or 4 sachets in a glass of water and drink on an empty stomach in the morning .

 2 . 3 or can be poured into the bottle 4 sachets (500 ml . ) With water and divided into several doses per day . dosage

Prevention for an adult - 3-4 day packaging ; 1For an adult with severe symptoms - 5-7 packs a day;

For an infant - it is better that my mother took one package for breast milk. Quality of breast milk may improve.

If you use milk , you can drip a few drops in milk ;

Weaning period - 2 years - 1/5 ( 1 ml ) , 3 years to 6 years - 1/ 2 ( 2 mL ) ;

Schoolboy 1-2 Class - 1 ( 5ml ) .

Duration of 1Please take a 3-4 pack / day continuously .

Our intestinal environment is constantly changing due to the food , alcohol , drugs , stress, etc. , therefore , it is best to take the drug continuously to maintain wellness. This is the key to the preservation of a healthy body throughout the year .

Term life

Shelf life - two years from the date of manufacture. Once opened, the drug should be taken during the day.

Storage method Please keep the product in a dark, cool place.

Lactis is not a medicament .

Manufacturer B & S Corporation Japan



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Lactis bio-effective supplement for improving intestinal environment (5ml x30 sticks)

Lactis bio-effective supplement for improving intestinal environment (5ml x30 sticks)

Comprehensive care for your body: for the beauty of your skin, the extension of youth 10-20 years old, an effective means to alleviate the symptoms of pregnant women, strengthening the immune system, anti-constipation, tooth decay, reduces weight, controls the stabilization of renal nedostatochnochti.

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