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La Mente Proteoglycan Ext.100 100ml

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La Mente  Proteoglycan Ext.100 100ml

Because the skin-beautifying effect of different digits is at the commercial level
La Mente's undiluted beauty that gives you the "skin you want to be" you envision. It is a series that can lead to ideal skin because 100% pure undiluted solution extracted from precious natural ingredients is confined in the bottle as it is. The ingredients can be directly applied to the skin, and of course the effect on the skin is also direct. The undiluted solution of La Mente has a high effect for commercial use and is a high quality undiluted solution that is used in clinics.

Contents: 100mL

how to use

  1. In the morning and evening, after washing your face, apply a 100-yen coin to your skin prepared with lotion.
  2. You can take more pinpoint care by layering it several times on the part you care about.

Points of La Mente proteoglycan stock solution

  1. POINT

    Pure undiluted solution with 100% natural ingredients

    La Mente's undiluted solution series is a very luxurious skin care product in which 100% pure undiluted solution extracted from only precious natural ingredients is packed in a bottle as it is. This is what La Mente can achieve because it is directly connected to the cosmetic raw material manufacturer.

  2. POINT

    Since it is a unique extraction method,
    the content of active ingredients is different.

    Not only do we use high quality raw materials, but we also pay attention to the extraction method. By adopting the original "frozen enzyme extraction method", it has become possible to extract the active ingredient at a high concentration. Because it is a condensed undiluted solution, the skin feels different.

  3. POINT

    Increased stability with a light-shielding bottle

    Although the undiluted solution has a high skin feel, it has the drawback that its components are easily changed. Therefore, La Mente adopted a light-shielding bottle. By making it difficult for light to pass through, it prevents component changes and deterioration and achieves high stability.



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La Mente  Proteoglycan Ext.100 100ml

La Mente Proteoglycan Ext.100 100ml

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