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Panasonic Reduced Hydrogen Water Generator TK-HS90-S

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Panasonic Reduced Hydrogen Water Generator TK-HS90-S

About this product

  • "Hydrogen charge button" that electrolyzes well even in water quality that is difficult to electrolyze and generates plenty of hydrogen
  • A 7-electrode high-power electrolytic cell that can generate reduced hydrogen water with a margin.
  • "13 substances to be removed + 4 substances" removed. High performance cartridge.

Liquid crystal display of generated water information

At a glance, you can see the pH value and ORP value of the generated water.

Check the water quality and flow rate, and display the "pH value" of the selected water on the liquid crystal display. The liquid crystal also displays a guideline for the "ORP value", which is called the electrical energy of water.

* The liquid crystal display is an example, and the ORP value may not show a negative value depending on the water quality, water pressure, and water temperature.

What is water ORP?

An index that indicates whether the water has the electrical energy to oxidize or reduce things.

* Water on the positive side of ORP compared to purified water has the property of oxidizing things, and water on the negative side of ORP compared to purified water has the property of restoring (reducing) the oxidized water. is.

You can make plenty of reduced hydrogen water

Maximum production flow rate approx. 7 L / min "7-electrode high-power electrolytic cell"

Since the area of ​​the electrode plate is large, it is powerfully electrolyzed. Reduced hydrogen water * can be generated up to about 7 L / min.

"Hydrogen charge" that electrolyzes firmly

In the two stages of hydrogen charge 1 and 2, even water quality that is difficult to electrolyze is electrolyzed firmly, and plenty of hydrogen is generated.

Light notification of the amount of hydrogen generated "Hydrogen level"

Lights one by one from bottom to top depending on the amount of hydrogen generated, and informs you.

Eight waters can be made at the touch of a button

You can choose from 8 levels of water from pH 3.0 to pH 10.5.

* Acidic water with a pH of about 3.0 is water from an acidic water stand with reduced hydrogen water strength of 1.

Do not drink reduced hydrogen water strong 1, reduced hydrogen water strong 2, weakly acidic water, or acidic water directly.

Removes 13 substances (* 1) + 4 substances (* 2) specified by JIS

* 1: Substances to be removed specified by the JIS S 3201 test method.

* 2: Substances to be removed specified by the standards (JWPAS B standards) set by the Japan Wind Power Association (JWPA). Iron (fine particles) and aluminum (neutral) do not regulate the water purification capacity.

Other features

"Low drainage" operation mode

In the "less drainage" mode, the water discharge / drainage ratio is 8: 1, which saves water. However, the maximum generated flow rate is about 4 L / min.

Weighing settings

You can set the amount of water you want to produce in the range of 0.6 to 5.0 L.

A buzzer will notify you when water is discharged to the set amount.

Convenient when you want to measure a certain amount of water for cooking.

Hot water guard

Even if you accidentally pass hot water through the main body, you can rest assured that the hot water will escape and then spit out.

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Panasonic Reduced Hydrogen Water Generator TK-HS90-S

Panasonic Reduced Hydrogen Water Generator TK-HS90-S


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