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Panasonic Alkaline Ionizer TK-AS46

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83 417 ₽

Panasonic Alkaline Ionizer TK-AS46

Firmly purified water and firmly electrolyzed.
Two-color stylish design to choose from.

4 recommended points of TK-AS46

Improvement of gastrointestinal symptoms
Water quality is notified by color "Water quality signal"
Easy to clean. Stylish design
Water-saving structure that reduces waste water by about 20% * 3 (compared to our TK-AS30)


Purpose or effect of reduced hydrogen water * Improvement of gastrointestinal symptoms

For those who are worried about
or feel discomfort in the stomach ● Relieves stomach upset and discomfort in the stomach.
● Helps the gastrointestinal function and improves communication.

Precautions before use
● Do not use any water other than water that has passed drinking (tap water, etc.).
● If you have renal disease (renal failure or impaired potassium excretion), do not drink reduced hydrogen water * .
● Reduced hydrogen water Do not drink strong, strong 1, strong 2, weakly acidic water, or acidic water directly.

Notification of water quality by color "Water quality signal"

Water quality signal at a glance

We will inform you of the selected water quality by changing the color according to the type.

"Strengthen electrolysis" button just by pressing a button

In the "strong electrolysis" mode, even water quality that is difficult to electrolyze can be electrolyzed firmly.

5 waters can be selected according to the application

From drinking to cooking, just press a button according to your needs. (Do not drink weakly acidic water directly.)

Easy to clean. Stylish design

Two colors that are easy to match with the kitchen

Two colors to choose from with the popular pale tones. It is a clean and natural color.

Easy-to-care "sleek design"

Sleek design with few steps and seams.
You can clean it with a quick wipe.

Water saving

Water-saving structure that reduces waste water by about 20% * 3
(compared to our TK-AS30)

The water-saving design of the foam shower realizes about 20% water saving * 3 .

"Automatic continuation mode" that saves water when you continue to use it because there is no initial waste water

Alkaline 1-3 ・ For 10 minutes after using purified water, if it is the same type of water, it can be used immediately without wasting water. (After 10 minutes, water will come out of the drain hose)

Approximately 16% water saving by "drainage cut" in water purification mode * 4

High-performance cartridge can generate a large amount of alkaline ionized water

For example, with the TK-AS46, the cartridge replacement standard is about 2 years, so the cost is low.
One cartridge can generate about 5,000 2L PET bottles * 5 of alkaline ionized water.

High water purification capacity

Removed "13 substances to be removed * 1 + 6 substances * 2 "

Excellent water purification capacity has been achieved by using activated carbon containing ceramic with high adsorption performance and the structure of the cartridge that maximizes the capacity of the activated carbon.

Notify when to replace the cartridge

  • When the total water flow reaches 12000L
  • When the energizing time (about 2 years) is reached
  • When the flow rate drops due to clogging, etc.



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Panasonic Alkaline Ionizer TK-AS46

Panasonic Alkaline Ionizer TK-AS46

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