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Mochida "GOOFICE" 5mg 100tab

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Mochida "GOOFICE" 5mg 100 tab

OOFICE TABLETS 5mg  Active ingredient: Elobixibat hydrate  

Dosage form: pale yellow tablet, diameter: approx. 6.1 mm, thickness: approx. 3.9 mm

Effects of this medicine

This medicine suppresses reabsorption of bile acids and increases the flow of bile acids to the colon. It consequently promotes moisture/electrolyte secretion to the colon, enhances bowel movement, and then exerts a therapeutic effect on constipation. It is usually used to treat chronic constipation (excluding constipation due to organic diseases).



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Mochida "GOOFICE" 5mg 100tab

Mochida "GOOFICE" 5mg 100tab

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