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Muhi Hibikea FT 20g x 3

Helps repair of cracked skin

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Muhi Hibikea FT  20g x 3

Crackling hard on the skin hardened by rash Heels and knees, etc. were originally thick in the stratum corneum, hard and rough in gushigos due to drying and the like It is a place where it tends to be in a state. Furthermore, since weight and force are applied when walking, "Pakuri" It is easy for cracks to occur, once it cracks, it will be hard to heal. Hibikua FT ointment is a therapeutic agent suitable for "crackling" cracking of such hardened skin.

■ Hard and fragile skin (elbows, knees, heels, etc.) In healthy skin, smooth metabolism of the skin (instead of new skin and old skin) I got up and kept soft skin condition. However, cells of the skin are cheerful due to cold and aging Losing metabolism of the skin slowly, old stratum corneum that should be peeling off is thickly stacked to come. When drying is added to this state, the skin becomes hard and hard to crack, rough It is in a state. "Promote crack repair" + "Improve skin metabolism"

Hibikua FT ointment

● Allantoin helps repair of cracked skin tissues directly, and revitalizes skin cells It combines panthenol with W to help repair. These two "crack repair promoting ingredients" are difficult to cure "Pakuri" I treat the cracks cracked firmly.

● "Vitamin A oil" improves the metabolism of the skin, and makes the roughening of the skin hardened by rash I will leave it in a state that is hard to crack. In addition, since blood circulation promoting ingredients and moisturizing ingredients are blended, the recovery of affected areas is accelerated, Gotta give moisture to the skin. Also, itchy ingredients are accompanied by cracks and dandruff It softens the symptoms of eating it. Hibikya FT ointment has good balance of these ingredients It is compounded and we will bring the whole affected part to normal state.



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Muhi Hibikea FT  20g x 3

Muhi Hibikea FT 20g x 3

Helps repair of cracked skin

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