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Product 1333

MELSMON Human Placenta Injection 2 ml x50 ampoules

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MELSMON Human Placenta Injection 2 ml x50 ampoules


The placenta acts as an agent between the mother's baby and the embryo when a new baby is formed in mammals, enabling it to develop and grow using oxygen and nutrients from its mother. 

The placenta has a history of medicinal use starting more than 2000 years ago.

1)It was used as an elixir of eternal youth during the Qin Dynasty in China. 

2)It was used as a nourishing herbal medicine for physical and mental tireness and weakness in Ming Dynasty

3)It was used for rejuvenation and beauty Cleopatra and Marie Antoinette during the ancient time.

Currently, placenta extract is available in Japan in the form of injections as an oral medicine and as health food and beauty products




Placenta contains not only the three major nutrient groups: Carbohydrates, proteins, and fats, but also a wide range of nutrients such as minerals, vitamins, enzymes and nucleic acids.

1)   Amino acid (the basic building blocks for protein) Lysine, Asphastic, Acid, Leucine, Glutamic Acid and etc. Placenta contains more than 21 types of amino acid.

2)   Protein   Casein and phosphoprotein

3)   Enzymes  Alkaline phosphates, Creatine phosphokinase and more than 55 types of enzymes. (Placenta contains almost all the essential enzymes required by the human body)

4)   Sugar  Glucose, fructose, lactose

5)   Nucleic acid elements  Uracil, Adenine, Guanine, Thymine, Cytosine, Xanthine.

6)   Minerals  Calcium, sodium, potassium, phosphorus, zinc and iron.

7)   Vitamins  Vitamin B, vitamin V+B2, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Folic Acid.

8)   Fats, lipase  Cholesterol, phosphate and etc

9)   Polysaccarides  Mannose, acemannaus

10)  SA Amino Acid  Super active amino acid

11)  Various growth element  

Even though some of the nutrients present in small quantity, but they are capable of promoting bodily growth and these include trace elements for the healthy development of nervous system, skin and blood vessels.



  • Whitening effect

Helps to reduce the production of melanin pigment which is an element of stain, takes stain, dullness. Prevents and improve bloating, rashes, black spot and freckle.

  • Moisturizing effect

In high humidity retention power, will keep the skin hydrated and moist for a longer time.

  • Proliferation cell regeneration

To increase the metabolism, normalizes the turnover, and create a healthy skin.

  • Collagen production

Support the collagen production that determines the elasticity of the skin.

  • Blood circulation promotion

It promotes blood flow and make the skin healthy and beautiful.

  • Antioxidant action

Suppress the generation of active oxygen that causes aging.

  • Hormone secretion

Relieves the discomfort due to menopause, biological disorder, diabetic conditions, cold feet and piles, kidney ailment. Eliminates body odor.

  • Anti-inflammatory effect

Reduce the inflammation and redness in skins such as acne and skin itching.

  • Anti-allergic effect

Strengthen and restore the immune system to suppress the allergic reaction.

  • Immunostimulatory activity

To enhance the immunity, and create a strong and healthy skin. Revitalize the body during illness and after recuperation.

  • Skin Healing

Enhances the healing of skin membrane and wounds, Hypertensions, Inflammation for stomach and duodenum, gum disease, constipation.

  • Amino acid supplementation

To increase the energy metabolism of skin cells, and then supply the material of cell renewal.

  • Stimulate sexual desire

Improves in sexual desire and prevent impotence



  • Nervous System Regulatory Function

  • Endocrine (Hormonal) System Regulatory Function 

  • Immune System Function (raises resistance to illness)

  • Basal Metabolism Function (Energises the metabolism, activating cells, blood vessels and organs)

  • Active Oxygen Removal Function (Prevents oxidation)

  • Anti-inflammatory Function (Cure blemishes ,acne prone skin)

  • Tissue Repair Function

  • Tranquilising Function

  • Anti-Toxin Function (Strengthens the liver)

  • Lactation Promotion Function

  • Anti-Allergy Function

  • Constitution Function

  • Circulation Function

  • Blood Production Function

  • Anti-Mutagen Function (Suppresses mutations)

  • Blood Pressure Regulatory Function

  • Fatigue Recovery Function

  • Appetite Promotion Function

(This study is conducted by Doctor Kentaro Yoshida, Director of the Yoshida Clinic)




Recommended Dosage:

One ampoules/injection every 2-3 days 



This product is administered by intravenously (IV) or intramuscularly (IM) 


Side effect:

Women may encounter a slight changes in period cycle/ flow.




  • Melsmon is an approved pharmaceutical product in Japan and holds an internationally recognized Certificate of Pharmaceutical Product.

  • Melsmon has Good Manufacturing Process (GMP) Certificate from the Japanese Medical Safety Control Department.

  • The product is derived from advanced bio-technology; hence it is capable of preserving the most valuable elements in placenta.

  • The product has been in use for more than 52 years without any identifiable side effect.

  • The product is being supplied to many hospitals in Japan for treatment and health care purpose.

  • The product has passed the non-infectious and non-toxic test.

  • The product can be used in conjunction with other drugs or health supplements.




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Product  1333

Product 1333

MELSMON Human Placenta Injection 2 ml x50 ampoules

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