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Extract Touchi 1 pack

Extract touchi-natural product for people with high blood sugar

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Extract touchi 1 pack

Natural product for people with high blood sugar. Extract Touchi (Touti, Touchi Extract) in tablets.
This is a simple way to regulate blood sugar levels in diabetes. According to a study nutrition and health conducted by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare of Japan in 2006, the number of people with diabetes and those prone to it, was approximately 18.7 million people, which showed renewed growth in the number of patients. If in 1997 the number of patients, including those prone to diabetes, was approximately 13.7 million people, in 2002 this figure amounted to 16.2 million people, which showed a trend of gradual growth. Therefore, in order to support healthy eating habits in Japan, a special institution. This institute of nutritional supplements to maintain health.
Tablets Touchi - is the original development of the company NIPPON SUPPLEMENT., INC .. After years of research they have done a product you can trust.
The attractiveness of tablets Touchi.
The main ingredient - Toshi, an enzyme fermentation of soybean curd. The basic ingredient is included in Touchi, consists of elements obtained by extraction of Toshi, a product of fermentation of soybean curd. Since ancient times, the product was familiar to people.
The company NIPPON SUPPLEMENT., INC., Gathered from around the world raw materials and products, absorbing sugar, tested all the useful and safe ingredients. The number of experiments, including all possible methods, exceeded several hundred. As a result, all of them the most suitable food ingredient, the extract was Toshi.

23 patent applications.

Toshi is a malt, a product of fermentation of tofu. However, other products of fermentation tofu, such as natto and miso-like biological activity is not seen. Our company is opening a fact that Toshi is a product which has the property of absorption of sugar, it is scientifically proved, successfully took up the production of goods. Currently in Japan and abroad, 23 companies expected to receive a patent for the production, based on our technology,
Useful for 80% of the people.

The main component of Touchi is Toshi, a component of the resulting extraction of fermentation products of soybean curd tofu. Effectiveness proven in clinical trials. Ingredients: Extract Toshi - the main component (multitol), liquid cellulose, sucrose, stearic acid, phosphoric acid, dextrin, sterkulii juice, gum shellac, karnaubola (pellets are used to stabilize blood sugar. Can be used as an additive to food, safety is confirmed)
Storage: The product is stored in a cool place, avoid direct sunlight and hot spots. After opening the lid tightly closed, store in a cool place.
How Touchi lowers blood sugar?

Man, for the production of energy for daily life, eating foods containing sugar and receives carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are dissolved by saliva, in the end, getting into the small intestine due to alpha-glyukotsitaze, converted to glucose, are absorbed by blood and thereby increase blood sugar levels. The same process with the sugar. In short, the key point in the process of increasing blood sugar, is the work of the alpha-glyukotsitazy. If the enzyme is fast, blood sugar is absorbed too quickly, which leads to a sharp rise in the blood. Conversely, if the absorption of sugar is constrained, the blood sugar level rising slowly.
People with high blood sugar, on the contrary shows how you can slow absorption of sugar. This role performs Touchi. When used Touchi eating, working digestive element glyukotina alpha-constrained and a sharp rise in blood sugar levels slows.



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Extract Touchi 1 pack

Extract Touchi 1 pack

Extract touchi-natural product for people with high blood sugar

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