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La Mente Classics FMPL (fermented and aged placenta extract) Essence (5mL x 6)

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La Mente Classics FMPL Essence (5mL x 6)

"Raw " fermented and aged placenta extract with a concentration of 99.99%
Review the fermentation conditions of placenta to the highest concentration in the history of La Mente. 
Intensive care for aging care, such as wrinkles and dryness .

* 1 Extracted as it is * 2 Makes fine wrinkles due to drying inconspicuous (Efficacy evaluation test completed) * 3 Care that gives moisture according to age

Contents: 5mL x 6 (for about 1 month)
All ingredients

Saccharomyces / (brown sugar / placenta extract) fermented liquid, arginine, phytic acid, silver oxide

how to use

  1. After washing your face, take a 100-yen coin as a guide and apply it to your entire face by gently pushing it in. It is more effective to keep your palm warm.
  2. It is recommended to layer on the areas of concern such as the eyes, mouth, and around the nasolabial fold.

La Mente Classic FMPL Essence (5 mL × 6 pieces) points

  1. POINT

    99.99% high concentration "raw" stock solution

    Contains fermented and aged placenta extract * 1 , an ingredient based on our unique fermentation and aging technology By reviewing the manufacturing method, we have further evolved to realize a high-concentration "raw" undiluted solution of 99.99% out of 100% raw materials. Intensive care for aging signs such as drying with a high-concentration undiluted solution.

  2. POINT

    Makes dry fine wrinkles inconspicuous

    We conducted an efficacy evaluation test and verified that fine wrinkles due to drying were not noticeable. It leads to moisturized skin to care for fine wrinkles.

  3. POINT

    Maintain the highest quality in 5mL vials

    Since it does not contain a strong preservative, it maintains its freshness by subdividing it into 5 mL (for 5 days). Quality is maintained by adopting a "vial container" that is also used as a storage container for injection solutions in the medical field.



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La Mente Classics FMPL (fermented and aged placenta extract) Essence (5mL x 6)

La Mente Classics FMPL (fermented and aged placenta extract) Essence (5mL x 6)

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