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Hyaluronic acid Kobayashi Seiyaku "Hiraronsan"

Hyaluronic acid Kobayashi Seiyaku "Hiraronsan"

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Hyaluronic acid Kobayashi Seiyaku (Hiraronsan)

Weight: 13.8g (230mg * 60tabletki)

Course in 30 days 1 time per day: 2 tablets package size: 145 x 100 * (mm)

Supplement of the chicken comb. It is used to improve the skin, to moisturize the skin, leaving it supple and elastic.

Every Japanese woman has in her purse supplements this. Hyaluronic acid - a youth of our skin. There is much talk about hyaluronic acid. Let's see what it is. Where found hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is widely present in human and animal tissues. It is an essential component of the ground substance of connective tissue, synovial fluid (the fluid inside the joints), vitreous humor, which is located inside the eye. Its a lot of skin, bone, heart valves, and eggs.The main functions of hyaluronic acid in the body Hyaluronic acid binds water in the intercellular spaces, thus increasing the resistance of tissue compression. One molecule of hyaluronic acid binds and holds about a 500 water molecules. She is involved in the transport and distribution of water in the tissues. Hyaluronic acid determines the barrier and protective function of the intercellular space. Inside the joints, it acts as a lubricant of articular surfaces inside the eye helps to normalize the intraocular pressure. Hyaluronic acid is produced by cells of connective tissue fibroblasts. In childhood and youth, fibroblasts produce a sufficient amount of hyaluronic acid, but after 25 years in connection with various toxic effects on the body (the adverse environmental effects, exposure to electromagnetic fields for the use of computers, cell phones, household appliances, microwave, poor environmental conditions, water quality, use in food products, saturated with preservatives, artificial colors, genetically modified foods, stress) of hyaluronic acid produced is gradually declining. Therefore, with age there are such phenomena as skin thinning, increased intraocular pressure, age-related diseases of the joints. At the same time destroyed the relationship between cell surface and deeper layers of the skin, impaired blood circulation, reduces their resistance to external influences (immune system). On the skin wrinkles, loss of natural young complexion - skin becomes dull and pale. The use of hyaluronic acid in modern medicine in our time, hyaluronic acid is used to correct age related skin changes, including the restoration of properties such as loss of elasticity, dryness, wrinkles and folds. Hyaluronic acid is the main drug used to restore youth and beauty of skin. Hyaluronic acid, hyaluronic acid is now produced in the form of two types of supplements. There are drugs of animal origin, which are obtained directly from animal tissue. The second type of products of hyaluronic acid is synthesized specifically bred harmless to human pathogens. This is a more modern drugs, having given molecular structure. They have a complete infectious safety and low allergenicity.

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Hyaluronic acid Kobayashi Seiyaku "Hiraronsan"

Hyaluronic acid Kobayashi Seiyaku "Hiraronsan"

Hyaluronic acid Kobayashi Seiyaku "Hiraronsan"

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