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The supplement "Inochi No Haha" - "Mother of Life"

The supplement "Inochi No Haha" - "Mother of Life"

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The drug is "Mother of Life" restores the hormonal balance of women.

It is the drug combination, which is 13 sorts of crude drugs, herbal medicines, blended vitamins, calcium, taurine, lecithin, etc, for delicate body of women.

- To ease some physical and emotional symptoms caused by hormonal imbalance during menopause, worming the body and improving blood circulation. It supports women's quality of life.

- It is a sugar-coated pill, easy to dose.

Menopause ...
The composition of 12 tablets contains: Vitamin B1 5 mg Vitamin B 2 1 mg Vitamin B6 0.5 mg Vitamin B12 0.001 mg Vitamin E 5 mg of pantothenic calcium 5 mg Taurine 90 mg Biotin 0.001 mg of soy lecithin, calcium gluconate 10 mg 10 mg Rhubarb Japanese valerian 175 mg 207 mg 170 mg Cassia Chinese lovage Atractylodis 100 mg 100 mg of white peony root of Angelica 300 mg 300 mg 175 mg coconut Poriya Musta Evodiya 50 mg 40 mg 75 mg Pinelli Ginseng 40 mg 50 mg Safflower

Dosage The recommended dose of 4 tablets 3 times a day (12 tablets per day, orally before meals.
Description of preparation, "Mother of Life" restore the hormonal balance of women.
In the early twentieth century, Mr. Sasaoka, long engaged in study of the plants on the human body, noticed that a certain set of them in a special way affects the health and status of women. A huge number of grateful patients, he was able to help, confirmed his decision to continue research in this direction. Introduced students have finished the product of his research to perfection. This activity contributed to the huge demand, which was formed as a result of the current historical and political situation: Japan was at war and proclaimed the doctrine of the construction of their own country to the level prevailing in the world. The state required an increase in the number of citizens from the healthy growth of population, which had to be healthy women and in particular, reducing the number of women who are not able to reproduce offspring. Thousands of women have attained a certain age, and often just celebrated the 30th anniversary to be suffering from hormonal disorders. In this connection violated the menstrual cycle, menopause (the so-called "early menopause"), followed by a migraine, unmotivated fear, increased neural activity (climacteric neurosis), hot flashes, fatigue, insomnia, muscle aches, chills, anemia, heart palpitations, noise in the ears, constipation, rapid aging, and so on. In the course of ongoing research, renewed in the mid-60s of the twentieth century. It was confirmed that the drug is "Mother of Life" not only provides amazing results in normalization of hormonal balance, but also in the treatment of infertility. In addition, the drug facilitates the flow of menopause, reduces fatigue and irritability, strengthens blood vessels, normalizes blood circulation and blood pressure, improves skin, slowing the aging process. The high efficiency of the drug due to the presence in its composition of herbs (13 species), vitamins, minerals and amino acids (total 11). It is known that the disease is easier to prevent than to cure, so the people of Japan, taking natural products that contribute to the establishment of an overall balance in the body since adolescence. Evidence of reasonableness of this approach is that the life expectancy of Japanese women is highest in the world, averaging 84 years. The average age of menopause of 70 years. Undoubtedly, this has the merit of the drug, "Mother of Life", located more than a century at the pharmaceutical market in Japan. Indications: Disorders of hormonal balance and related: - Violation of the menstrual cycle - Climacteric symptoms (hot flashes, headache, weakness, muscle pain, chills, anemia, heart palpitations, tinnitus, constipation, stress, insomnia, etc.)
Contraindications: Hypersensitivity, children up to 15 years, pregnancy, lactation.
Manufacturer: Kobayashi (Japan)


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The supplement "Inochi No Haha" - "Mother of Life"

The supplement "Inochi No Haha" - "Mother of Life"

The supplement "Inochi No Haha" - "Mother of Life"

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