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Naragawa "Neolebarmin" 1000 tab

For any abnormal liver function, liver disease

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Naragawa "Neolebarmin" 1000 tab

The liver is the largest organ in the human body with a strong regenerative ability and metabolic ability and contains vitamins, hormones, amino acids, etc.

(Metabolic function), bile acid and bile pigment in the form of bile.

It secretes, absorbs nutrients from the intestinal tract (excretory function), detoxifies harmful substances, etc.

It has many features. In addition, due to its strong reproduction ability, liver function deteriorates with age.

Although the subjective symptoms do not appear, so you always need to know about the state of your liver and maintain it.

 Neorebalmin is a cure for liver disease, which consists mainly of six herbal ingredients.


Any abnormal liver function, liver disease

Dosage / Apply 3 times a day between meals 4 tablets at a time. Wash down with warm water.

[Age] Adult (15 years and older) [1 dose] 4 tablets

 Ingredients · In 12 tablets (3700 mg, daily dose)

[Active ingredient] Kavanagi Dai 2,800 mg Glucuronolactone 300 mg Dried yeast 300 mg Calcium pantothenate 100 mg Taurine 50 mg Rutin 50 mg [Supplements] Potato starch



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Naragawa "Neolebarmin" 1000 tab

Naragawa "Neolebarmin" 1000 tab

For any abnormal liver function, liver disease

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