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DHC Ancerine 30 days

Anserine for Anti Gout, Low Uric acid Supplement

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DHC Ancerine 30 days

DHC Anserine contains fish peptides that are 30 times more concentrated than components of migratory fish, such as tuna and mackerel. This is a supplement that makes it easy to take 60 mg of anseline with 3 tablets per day. It is recommended that you take health daily, deal with health, deal with the body, etc. Several times in the morning, afternoon, night, etc. D. Anserine is also known as a source of stamina for migratory fish such as tuna and skipjack. protein, alanine and histidine.

Anserine is used to treat and prevent gout. An important constituent is the dipeptide obtained from tuna fillet. It is necessary to reduce the amount of uric acid in the body. Uric acid resembles crystals that are deposited in joints and organs, provoking the development of inflammatory processes, and at a high level in the blood (unbalanced diet, the use of strong drinks, an immobile lifestyle) causes gout. To return to normal life, men use Japanese dietary supplement from DHC.

It effectively prevents the development of pathology and saturates the body with vitamins. The composition of the drug Based on the following components:

1. Anserine (from tuna) - reduces and controls the amount of uric acid in the body.

2. Crystalline cellulose is a natural component responsible for the elasticity and strength of tissues. It is also able to reduce the calorie content of a dish without losing the beneficial properties of food.

3. Citric acid. Accelerates metabolic processes in the body, cleanses internal organs.

4. Vitamin A. Responsible for the integrity of the skin, providing its protection. Increases resistance to infections.

5. Vitamins of group B. Normalize the work of blood vessels, participate in the rapid metabolism, promote the growth of new cells and tissues.

6. Vitamin D. Regulates the absorption of calcium and phosphate in cells. Responsible for the functionality of the body, normalizes the operation of all systems. A lack of vitamin D entails the appearance of various diseases of the musculoskeletal system, including the appearance of gout.

Indications for use In addition to the prevention of gout, Anserine will be useful for athletes to accelerate the recovery of the body after exercise.

Supplement must be taken:

· To increase immunity With renal failure; In the presence of atherosclerotic plaques;

At elevated pressure;

· With the wrong lifestyle.

· To improve the condition of the joints

Composition (3 capsules): anserine (fish peptide) 600 mg, crystalline cellulose, vitamin A, vitamin D, group B vitamins.

Method of application: 3 capsules daily with water. Course 1 month



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DHC Ancerine 30 days

DHC Ancerine 30 days

Anserine for Anti Gout, Low Uric acid Supplement

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